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Millway House Nursing Home

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About Us

Millway House is a nursing home in Weyhill, near Andover, caring for people over the age of 65. Set in its own extensive grounds, Millway House has provided a warm, friendly and welcoming home for many years.

Millway House has established a reputation for high quality residential and nursing care, with a specialised focus on complex nursing and end of life care. Originally a large family home on the outskirts of Weyhill, Millway House has a long history as a residential home in the 1980’s and 1990’s before becoming established as a high-quality nursing home following a further large extension. The old house plays a major part in ensuring that Millway House retains the feel of a family home where everyone is welcome.

We are absolutely committed to providing the best possible care to our Residents and the small things really do matter to everyone at Millway House, and we can’t wait to welcome you and your family.

Services We Offer

Our mission is to provide the best service, care and match
for you and your family


Dementia is an increasingly common diagnosis in older people, and is a term that is used to describe a range of conditions that affect the brain. Most commonly people have come across Alzheimer’s Disease, although there are other types of dementia that a person may develop. All types of dementia are associated with a decline in memory or thinking skills. Sometimes these symptoms may be relatively mild, sometimes they may affect people in a more significant way affecting their ability to perform everyday activities. Millway House works with families to support people with dementia with a focus on those who have mild to moderate dementia.

Residential Care for Older People:

Often referred to as personal or social care, residential care services are provided by our care team who help more able people with washing and dressing as well as supporting meal times and medication administration. Often people will choose residential care at Millway House because they no longer want to live alone at home, or find living at home and maintaining a house too demanding.

Nursing Care:

Our team of nurses are able to provide care to people with more complex healthcare and rehabilitation needs. Nursing care is best described as care that requires a Registered Nurse to either undertake the care (such as complex wound dressing) or to supervise the care (for example the administration of certain medication regimes). Our nursing team provide a comprehensive 24 hour service and their primary focus is to provide personalised, therapeutic care, compassionate and professional end of life care, as well as supporting our care team.

Respite Care:

Short stay care (often referred to respite) is often required by people who need some support in between leaving hospital and returning home, or when family members who provide the usual care are going away on holiday.

Activities and Well-Being

Millway House has an extensive activities programme led by our 2 Activities and Well-Being Coordinators. We provide activities that focus not just on being entertained, but that help people keep active and retain links with their hobbies and interests. Characterised by an ever-evolving range of day trips and entertainers visiting the Home, life is never dull at Millway House.


Our Philosophy

Millway House sits in the heart of the local community. We want our Residents to be able to maintain their connection with the local community and get the most out of life at Millway House. We provide residential and nursing care for people over the age of 65 who we think could live well at Millway House.

We appreciate that many of our Residents cannot ‘do what they used to do’ and that sometimes mobility and confidence are not always what they once were. The team at Millway House has a good understanding of these issues and works with Residents and their families to find ways of helping Residents regain confidence and stay active and as independent as possible.

We want Millway House to be a home for life and our nursing team are able to provide more complex care and support Residents as their needs change. We work closely with GPs and the primary care network to ensure that we can meet changing health needs and provide caring and knowledgeable support as people move towards the end of their life.

Our Team

The team at Millway House is dedicated to providing the very best care. Our team members live locally to Millway House and play a key role in ensuring the Home is embedded in the community. We are committed to a high standard of care and high levels of training. All of our team members have achieved or are working through qualifications in health and social care. Our nurses and care team work closely with support staff to provide a holistic approach to care and a commitment to attention to detail. Lead by Sarah Brown, our Home Manager, we can’t wait to welcome you to Millway House.

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Our Registered Manager is: Sarah Brown

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